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Bronchoscopy Simulator – MedScan3D

Bronchoscopy Simulator


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  • Anatomy: Anatomy Models
  • Application: Pre Surgical Training/Medical Knowledge


This bronchoscopy simulator is composed of two parts: head model and bronchus model. The head model possesses the characteristic of real human face and cavity, which is designed for bronchoscope entering. The bronchus model includes principal bronchus, lobar bronichi, segmental bronchi, 4th and 5th bronchi. Every end of bronchus model is open for easily cleaning. The simulator is 3D printed based on real CT data of bronchus tree. Both exactitude and reality of the simulator have been confirmed with specialists. We can provide custom bronchoscopy simulator per your request. This simulator is ready for practicing ultra-thin bronchoscope examinations and endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration.

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