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Modular Vascular Simulator – MedScan3D

Modular Vascular Simulator


  • Material: Silicone
  • Anatomy: Cardiovascular, Neurovascular
  • Application: Structural Heart and Valve, Coronary Procedures, Neuro Aneurysm/Stroke and Stenting


Modular Vascular Simulator (referred as to MVS), is a systematic simulator for endovascular interventional procedure. Recycle pump is equipped for pumping artificial blood and lubricants into vascular model to form a mock circulation loop for demonstration of medical device and surgical training. Electric-controlled system to simulate C-arm CT. 1080P HD camera with automatic focusing. Complete vascular structure (Neuro-Coronary-Abdominal-Peripheral). Reproduce the human vasculature with high accuracy. Simulation of interactive surgical environment. Meet the requirement of surgical training and medical device testing. MVS is designed as an extensible and versatile simulator. Neuro vascular and peripheral vascular model can be seamlessly attached; Various vascular lesions, like cerebral aneurysm model, cerebral malformation model, carotid stenosis model is also available for more usage scenarios.

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