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Percutaneous Radial Artery Cannulation Simulator – MedScan3D

Percutaneous Radial Artery Cannulation Simulator


  • Material: Silicone
  • Anatomy: Limbs Arterial
  • Application: Structural Heart and Valve


the picture above shows our newly-designed simulator for Percutaneous Radial Artery Cannulation. It is designed for radial artery cannulation technique training. Clear radial styloid and rasceta for easy puncture localization. Radial artery and wrist skin is replaceable. Suitable for radial artery cannulation training. Equipped with pulsatile pump to simulate pulse. Taking patented formula silicone as raw material to make sure realistic tactility of skin and vessel. Two types of pathologic radial artery are included. Tortuosity: S-shaped, Ω-shaped and Z-shaped. Stenosis: 30%, 50% and 70% stenosis.

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