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Portable Circulation System – MedScan3D

Portable Circulation System


  • Material: Silicone
  • Anatomy: Cardiovascular, Neurovascular
  • Application: Structural Heart and Valve, Coronary Procedures, Neuro Aneurysm/Stroke and Stenting


Small size, easy to carry; Complete set of vascular models, pump and overhead projector; Setup in Seconds for more usage scenarios; Connection with display screen for clear view; A marketing representative can showcase their device at meetings and exhibitions. Pelican Suitcase. Watertight, dust-proof and crush-proof. Automatic pressure equalization Valve. Mini-HT pump. Dimensions: 160*120*110mm; 0.25 grade of Temperature Control Precision by adopting control unit from Japan; SHIMADEN PID; CPC quick connector used in outlet and inlet of pump and reservoir; Overhead Projector. Light and compact, only weighs 550g; 13 megapixel high-definition image; 16x digital zoom; Connection with display screen for clear view.

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