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Vascular Simulator With Biomimetic Base – MedScan3D

Vascular Simulator With Biomimetic Base


  • Material: Silicone
  • Anatomy: Cardiovascular
  • Application: Structural Heart and Valve, Coronary Procedures


The simulator includes a gel-like support, which replicates the physical environment in which vascular model will behave in a soft tissue environment. It is designed for interventional device R&D and laboratory testing. It includes silicone vascular model, transparent acrylic case, customized silicone support foundation, and Circulatory Loops and pump. Vascular model accurately reproduces the aorta and abdominal aorta artery of human body. The raw material we use is proprietary silicone formulas with high transparency and flexibility. The support foundation is made of soft silicone with Shore 0 hardness, which approximate to the hardness of real human muscle tissue. Pump system is the imitation of human heart, which can simulate the blood flow and pulse. Circulatory Loops is designed for blood circulation.

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