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Iliac Artery Model – MedScan3D

Iliac Artery Model


  • Material: Silicone
  • Anatomy: Cardiovascular
  • Application: Arterial Disease


The above pictures show the Iliac Artery generated from our real human CT database. It can be seamlessly attached to another model through the standard Y-connectors. In human anatomy, the iliac arteries are three arteries located in the region of the ilium in the pelvis: Common iliac artery – forms at terminus of the aorta. External iliac artery – forms when the common iliac artery bifurcates, continues as the femoral artery at the inguinal ligament. Internal iliac artery – forms when the common iliac artery bifurcates, supplies the perineum and sexual organs. With stabilizing platforms and portable suitcase to protect the model during shipping, travel and storage. We also can customize a transparent acrylic case and biomimetic support to ensure standard anatomical location. It is a great tool for cardiologists. It can be used at professional training sessions, such as hospitals and medical schools, trade shows and exhibitions. Most of our customers use it to test and demonstrate their medical devices.

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