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Transcatheter Model with Replaceable Aortic Valves – MedScan3D

Transcatheter Model with Replaceable Aortic Valves


  • Material: Silicone
  • Anatomy: Cardiovascular
  • Application: Structural Heart and Valve, Coronary Procedures


Realistic replica for testing, training, and demonstrations. Various pathologies optional. Smooth hollow passageways. Durable transparent silicone. Customizable inner diameter. The above pictures show the Transcatheter Model with Replaceable Aortic Valves generated from our real human CT database. It contains the major vascular from femoral artery to aorta arch and left ventricle. It can be seamlessly attached to another models through the standard Y-connectors. It can be used to practice the TAVR/TAVI(transcathter aorta valve replacement/implantation) procedure. Surgeons can insert the catheter/guide wire from femoral access, reach to aorta arch and replace the simulated heart valve model with a new heart valve. We can customize transparent acrylic case and biomimetic support to make sure the standard anatomical location. It can be used at professional training sessions, such as hospitals and medical schools, trade shows and exhibitions.

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