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Veins Of Lower Limb For Medical Device Testing
Lower limb vascular model
Iliac and Femoral Artery
Abdominal Region Model
Abdominal Artery
Simple Neuro Vascular System
Space Intracranial Vessel Model
Simple Intracranial Vascular Model
Neuro Vascular System(fixed in acrylic box)
Neuro Vascular System(complex Intracranial)
Neuro Vascular System(with aneurysm and stenosis)
Neuro Vascular System( aortic arch)‍
Intracranial Vascular System(with Aneurysm)
Intracranial Model (fixed in head-shaped platform)
Intracranial Model (placed in acrylic platform)
2D Intracranial Model
Percutaneous Radial Artery Cannulation Simulator
Patient Femoral Artery Cannulation Simulator
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Simulator
PCI Training Simulator
Endo Vascular Simulation for Pre-surgery Planning
ERCP Simulator
Bronchoscopy Simulator For Bronchoscope Examination And EBUS-TBNA
Angio-intervention Training System
Venous Vascular System Model
Venous Right Heart Model
Venous Heart Model
Vena Cava Model (with Left and Right Atrium)
Vena Cava Heart Model (With Pulmonary Artery)
Vena Cava Heart Model
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Vessels Model
Simple Vascular Model
Spatial simplified internal carotid aneurysm model
Simplified internal carotid artery model
Simplified Flat Coronary Model
Simplified Flat Coronary Model II
Simplified Coronary Model (fixed in acrylic box)
Simplified Aortic Vascular Simulation System
Space Aorta Model
Left Ventricle Replaceable Aorta Model
Heart Model(valve leaflet)
Heart Model(without valve leaflet)
Full Body Vascular Model
Detachable Coronary Model
Coronary Model
3D Printed Aortic Valve Model
Pulsatile Pump MD3
Pulsatile Pump MD2
Mini Temperature-controlling Pump
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Vessels Model
Pulsatile Pump P-120 For Driving Vascular Models

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