About Us

MedScan3D are experts in the creation of highly accurate patient specific 3D anatomical models. We develop clinically relevant models and place real anatomy in the hands of healthcare professionals and research engineers.

Surgical Planning

Medical models provide surgeons with a tangible representation of a patient's anatomy, allowing for better visualization and preparation for surgery. This reduces risk, improves accuracy, and enhances patient outcomes. Read more...

Medical Device Testing

Customizable medical models to suit a specific area which will optimize your testing procedures at all stages of device development. Models are geometrically designed to withstand rigorous laboratory and field use. Read more...


MedScan3D's solutions are essential for educating healthcare professionals & students from various fields. They offer a valuable tool for training, enhancing skills & knowledge that are vital in the healthcare industry. Read more...

Here's what we do

Our service includes converting medical scans into STL files that can be adapted using CAD design for port merging, 3D printed prototype models and customisable silicone casted test model's. These medical models can be made in a variety of materials for multilple purposes.

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Discover the latest insights and trends in medical simulation on our blog. From expert analysis to actionable tips, our articles cover everything you need to know to stay ahead in the field. Explore our latest blog posts and take your knowledge to the next level.
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