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Gallery – MedScan3D
Silicone Casted Models

At MedScan3D we work closely with the research and development teams to design clinically relevant silicone models for ongoing device tests.

Our anatomically accurate models effectively display your device in a clinically representative situation. This not only provides an invaluable testing tool for your device, but it also enhances credibility with your customers.



Segment patient specific data


CAD to merge to sim model


3D printed prototype


Casting for silicone model

Patient specific silicone models

  • Our step by step process allows you to have an innovated and personalized anatomical silicone model for over 1000 mold life shots.
  • These models will provide you with accurate and customized anatomical part which can be used as a medical simulator for the advanced training, testing and marketing of your medical device.

Generic silicone models

  • These premade silicone models are widely used for ongoing testing and visualisation purposes and can be ordered and delivered in under a 2-week lead time.