Continued innovation the driving force for MedScan3D

3D scanning and printing technology continues to provide ground breaking advances in innovation to an entire range of industries globally, with the medical device sector in particular adopting 3D printing solutions for a variety of applications.

With Ireland now firmly established as an international medtech hub, with nine of the top ten medtech companies in the world having a presence here, the opportunity to establish a 3D printing and scanning business focused exclusively on the sector has been grasped by Galway based entrepreneur Jacqui O’Connor with her company MedScan3D.

Established in early 2019, MedScan3D was created by O’Connor to provide patient specific 3D printed models for medical device prototyping and testing, pre surgical planning and educational purposes. Like many likeminded business owners operating in the medical device sector, O’Connor’s desire to establish her own company stemmed from her extensive experience working within the medtech space.

MedScan3D Technical Director Jacqui O'Connor

“MedScan3D was established in early 2019 while I was on maternity leave for the second time in 2 years. I was working as a technical sales representative at the time for the orthopaedic implant company, Smith and Nephew. I recognised there was a great opportunity in the area of 3D scanning and printing and took the decision to set up my own company.”

MedScan3D specialises in printing highly accurate patient-specific 3D anatomical models from CT, MRI and CBCT scans. The primary target markets include healthcare professionals, such as cardiologists, oncologists and surgeons. In terms of the use of 3D printed anatomical models supplied by MedScan3D, O’Connor has received extremely positive feedback from the end users. “Placing real anatomy in the hands of healthcare professionals reduces the patient’s risk, with a more successful outcome likely, with less unexpected issues arising in the theatre setting. This has proved invaluable to our end users.”

3D printed anatomical models

“With a smoother procedure, the time spent in theatre is reduced and this not only increases the patient’s safety but also has an array of benefits including reduced costs and savings for the hospital. The models are also regularly used for educational purposes by the team and for the patient in question.”

In addition to its core market of healthcare professionals, the models are also used by research engineers to provide test models for medical device development purposes. The models can be made in a variety of materials for applications in medical device prototyping and testing. The models are geometrically designed to withstand rigorous laboratory and field use for initial concept, product development, physician product testing and manufacturing quality assurance. For ongoing device testing MedScan3D also provide personalised and generically designed silicone casted models.

In addition, the company has also developed a range of 3D printed face shields for various business applications including healthcare, retail and construction, featuring extensively on national media for their work. Other accolades for the business to date have included a nomination for the Med-Tech Innovation Awards 2020 and the selection for a prestigious trip to Asia with The EU Gateway & Business Avenues Trade Mission, one of only 50 European companies selected.

Having developed both the anatomical range of products, as well as the exciting range of AMBI Safe products, MedScan3D has developed a well diversified product range, with additional exciting announcements scheduled for the coming months.

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