MedScan3D continues to innovate in the development of face shields

A Galway based 3D printing company is experiencing a significant increase in demand for protective face shields from a range of Irish companies as the Government begins easing restrictions for retailers and business owners.

As businesses prepare to re-open to the general public, attention has shifted to the protection of both workers and customers during this process. According to MedScan3D Technical Director Jacqui O’Connor, her company is already seeing an increased demand for 3D printed face shields amongst traditional businesses.

“We’ve been extremely busy dealing with a range of companies who are seeking to ensure a safe working environment for staff and customers. Our General Purpose Face Shield is being availed of for a variety of environments such as supermarkets and pharmacies. In terms of the construction sector, meanwhile, we have developed a particular version for workers that allows the face shield to be fastened via clips to their existing safety hardhats.”

As demand grows amongst traditional businesses for face shield protection for workers, MedScan3D are also continuing to develop ground breaking solutions for healthcare workers including Autoclavable Face Shields that allow sterilisation to a hospital standard, Adjustable Face Shields and a brand new Antimicrobial Face Shield.

‘’Our new antimicrobial face shield is the only one of its kind on the market. The material has an integrated active ingredient which makes it effective against microbial growth, therefore it will not need to be sterilised or autoclaved. This means companies can save time while relieving any concerns with regards to contamination.’’

As businesses commence the process of re-opening it seems likely that 3D printed face shields will continue to play an important role in protecting both workers and the general public in the months ahead.

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