MedScan3D improving surgical training and medical device testing with anatomical models

The rise of 3D printing continues to provide ground-breaking solutions for surgical training and medical device testing, with a Galway based company leading the way in the Irish market.

MedScan3D specialise in printing highly accurate patient-specific 3D anatomical models and has established itself as a leading authority in the area of silicone anatomical models.

While the company is recognised for printing highly accurate patient-specific 3D models, they also offer an invaluable range of “off the shelf” silicone anatomical models to assist with surgical training and medical device testing. According to MedScan3D Technical Director Jacqui O’Connor, the interest generated in the models has been particularly encouraging.

“MedScan3D is best known for patient-specific 3D printed models, but equally our off the shelf range has also resonated strongly both in terms of medical device testing, surgical training and pre-surgery planning. While the models are available off the shelf, they can also be adapted to suit the specific needs of the customer by incorporating segmented CT data into the original model.”

The applications for the models have proved wide-ranging, used in hospitals for testing, illustrating and training particularly in complex surgery cases.  MedScan3D’s CAD design team, meanwhile, can also design ports and access points in any area specified and can segment CT data and 3D print them in different Shure values to mimic that of the particular piece of anatomy.

In terms of actual models, examples include a lower limb artery model with or without aneurysm, covering abdominal aorta, renal artery, iliac artery, common femoral, superior femoral artery, popliteal and 3 tibial arteries, anterior tibial, peroneal, posterior tibial, dorsalis pedis and plantar arch. Ultimately, this model can also be detached into three parts: iliac artery, femoral artery and crural artery, as per the images below.

Lower limb artery model (with or without aneurysm)

Another example supplied by MedScan3D is a simplified coronary model incorporating left & right coronary system and simplified aortic artery, with the whole model fixed on an acrylic box for physiological reliability. This particular coronary model can also facilitate the addition of a variety pathologies.

Simplified coronary model

Also available is a TAVR Simulator (Demo Version), incorporating a full aorta down to femoral artery, featuring left ventricle and aortic valve. The aortic valve can also be detached from the aorta and replaced with other aortic valve models.    

TAVR Simulator (Demo Version)

As demand for 3D medical scanning and printing continues to increase amongst both medical organisations and medical device companies, MedScan3D appears well positioned to assist stakeholders in Ireland and beyond with guidance and solutions in this fast paced environment.

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